Graphic Arts Collaboration

design solution

kwanCREATIVE x Dezeen Design have collaborated again on lighting products with the theme of Hong Kong nativism. There are too many depressions in life, and I hope to bring some fun and humour to the details of life. The Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong provides a platform for creativity and collaboration.

With the support of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s “Special Fund for Brand Development, Upgrading, Transformation and Expansion of Domestic Sales Market (Organization Support Scheme)” (BUD), The Hong Kong Graphic Arts Society organized The “Hong Kong Graphic Arts Collaborative Innovation Activity” for the first time in 2016. With the theme of “Hong Kong Graphic Arts x Life”, 20 outstanding products co-created by printers and designers were selected and displayed at the 2017 Beijing International Gift Fair and 2017 Paperworld China (Shanghai).

In order to encourage the continuous collaborative innovation of printers and designers, the Hong Kong Graphic Arts Society, with the support of the BUD special fund, held the second “Hong Kong Graphic Arts Collaborative Innovation Product Competition” to build a platform to showcase the industry’s rich creativity and international-class printing technology. The selected products will have the opportunity to be exhibited at the 2020 Chengdu Gift Fair, the 2020 Beijing International Gift Fair, and the “Hong Kong Graphic Arts Pop-up Stores” in Beijing and Changsha.