a brand consultant studio,
focus on strategy and design,
founded in 2020.

We “sell ideas”,
in the way of brand thinking,
think holistically,
and use design to solve problems.

We “make brands”,
it has strength and soul,
can enhance people’s understanding,
continuously bring benefits to the enterprise.

We “create value”,
the ultimate goal is to achieve sales,
efficiently accumulate brand assets,
and ongoing operational systems.


Enterprise Diagnosis

Trend Analysis

Market Research

Competitor Research

Consumer Insights

Target Audience Analysis

Design Thinking

Research and Analysis

Brand Positioning

Brand Values

Brand Story & Philosophy

Brand Vision & Mission

Brand Tone of Voice

Brand Personality

Brand Naming and Slogan

Brand Environmental

Calligraphy in Chinese letter Soul

Integrate “small” idea,
into “great” value!

Make the design closer to people,
Create a better life with creativity and humour.

With “nothing” unnecessarily decorate,
having “something” has greater meaning.

We believe that “less” ideas,
can bring people “more” satisfaction.

The lifestyle branding of the era,
create the brand story to touch people’s heart.

A good brand has a unique personality and soul,
also can interact and communicate with people.

Once enough,
not much!

wow Calligraphy in Chinese letter onewow Calligraphy in Chinese letter none


super symbol!
a symbol catches people’s minds.

super slogan!
a sentence makes people’s attention.

super experience!
a try shocks people’s hearts.


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