Red Glaze

“Red Glaze”

Red glaze is gorgeous, full of red ice cracks
Mountains and rivers beyond the horizon
The snow in the desert is full of enthusiasm
River sand and thousands of miles of blood
Stunning tenderness and beauty
One’s beauty one’s glance makes the years gentle

The fairy born in heaven
Unforgettable your jade face and red lip
Delicately wrought thin clothes through the skin
as classic ancient Angel Xi Shi
Made in heaven, appreciation with beauty
Emperor Qianlong’s inscribed poem: When the flowers fly after the rain
Tears of beauty in the world
Willing to be a lovers enjoy the pleasure night

Whatever light and heavy makeup is always suitable
Glaze colour kiln flames smoke
Seductive look with a smile
As the red glaze of the classic handed down
The charm is natural, the white dew depends on each other
Love concubine rouge red, spring breeze blows flowers
The world of mortals seeks dreams and the beauty is drunk
Turned into a jadeite butterfly makes flowers face smile

Kwan 2022