BiLoMe Art is an Art project brand name, this art project brand name was coming from the creator’s kid’s pet phrase when he was 3. And they have created a logo together. And this characteristic concept is from his kid, with Dude naming being both intimate and cute, plus his kid’s old friend Puggie, and bring humour and happiness for the silent world.


Dude is a humorous child, often tricks around, and he is playing with Puggie as a philosophy of life. They also love to travel everywhere, and wherever they are, never forget to be happy on the road, and they met a lot of funny people and things.

If you are interested in knowing more about Dude and Puggie, the project needs to support them, they can continue the story…


Wow, fun first, fun first!

Love naughty and travel
Travel together
Don't too fart gif all

Don't Too Fart Collection

Each Dude has a unique stinky story.


A funny and humour Dude is here. This project collection generated 60 parallel universe digital cards, each dude has his own unique story. Oh, shit! Fxxking stink… Don’t too fart, Dude!


Don’t too fart just one of the collections for this project, we hope to develop more, for share more fun and humourous around the world.


Our NFTs is on OpenSea now!

Kick my ass ready


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open sea you there


We’re on a long trip. Hope you have together with us.

1 step

Don’t too fart collection (Raise funds)

It is just one of the collections for this project, we will develop different theme collections in the future.

2 step

Create other collections (Raise funds)

3 step

Develop character figures and branded products

4 step

Design and develop BiLoMe Art travel accessory products

5 step

Collaboration with musician and write a fart symphony music

A dark and cured music, and gives some Collection owners first listening.

6 step

Develop virtual travel user experience (In concept)

Its experience depends on different role characters have different experiences and encounters on the trip, such as travel partners, tourism costs, self-driving tours, hitchhiking, adventure, knowledge type…


We love to heard form you!

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