Chu of Ancient

Dragon Boat Festival Poem 2023

“Chu of Ancient” May five Dragon Boat Festival Now it’s back to summer solstice Qu Yuan chants the sorrow of separation The way of life is long to cultivated Kwan 2023

Moon White

Moon White in Autumn Festival 2022

“Moon White – one” Breeze teases fantasy, Full moon hanging in the sky, Ripples on the lake surface, Moon white missing for a long time. Kwan 2022 “Moon White – two” Moon white and mountain quiet, It can relieve worries; Crossing bridge in the garden, It is how freedom. Kwan 2022


Brand distinctive

“Distinctive ” All brands have souls, Story from its personal, Because of the difference core, Present myriad forms. Kwan 2022

4 Seasons and 5 Elements

4 seasons and 5 elements painting series

“4 Seasons and 5 Elements” Spring flowers bloom in poetry; The leaves of the tree stand are all new. Summer rain is riding the Wind Poems Transit; The fire is full of arrogance and childishness. The autumn moon and evening return to the heart of the poem; Drink a golden bottle asked the sky for […]

Red Glaze

Red Glaze

“Red Glaze” Red glaze is gorgeous, full of red ice cracks Mountains and rivers beyond the horizon The snow in the desert is full of enthusiasm River sand and thousands of miles of blood Stunning tenderness and beauty One’s beauty one’s glance makes the years gentle The fairy born in heaven Unforgettable your jade face […]


Leisurely right roll

“Leisurely” Left roll: One music, Two dwellings, Three mountains valley; Four seasons are elegant, May is leisure; Tonight, recalling the memories relieving worries. Right roll: Spring spirit, Autumn colours, South geese returned; North snow is falling, Melody is wonderful; Ancient, writing the feelings soothing emotions Kwan 2021