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 abc Education branding for brand logo concept as Woodpecker
abc Education branding for brand logo as A Brain Woodpecker
abc Education branding for slogan colouring your brain
abc Education branding for brain visual graphic design
abc Education branding for App logo concept as Woodpecker
abc Education branding for App icon concept as Woodpecker
abc Education branding for App character icon design
abc Education branding for a visual illustration of the learning story
abc Education branding for wallpaper application
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abc Eduction concept
abc Eduction logo concept
abc Eduction logo
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abc Eduction branding
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Learning english with fun

design solution

abc Group is a one-stop solution for education consultants, letting you experience vitality, interesting and friendly learning mode. We help you all about learning, and academic achievement, find out what is your expertise to choose the right specialist subject, develop your education, and pave the way for the future. And also provided an online platform for Homework, Persevere books, Test perseveres, eBooks and Assessments, all different for you in order to increase your value. We are not just selling services and products, we stand with you and together to achieve our dreams. Do what you love, love what you do, knowledge makes your brain full, so equip yourself and become a connotative person.

Ideas about brand visual and application design. After analyzing the purpose and needs of the project, thinking that the new generation of design should use more icons, characters, illustrations, simple graphics, moody pictures and bright & attractive colours to capture and communicate with the target audience, let them be more acceptable and resonating.

First, analyse the enterprise structure, and then think about the corporate brand culture, and what value these cultures can create. The concept of logo design uses elements of woodpecker and brain because people learn to absorb knowledge in books as nutrients for their heads, like woodpeckers sucking insects on tree trunks as nutrients, plus the role of animals is more vivid, friendly and interesting, and then Coupled with cute illustrations bring out the unique brand personality, creating a strong and vivid image.


abc Education


Branding and Apps Design (UI/UX)

creative / design / illustration / copywriting

Alien Kwan