Hong Kong Delicacies rebranding for the story under a Lion Rock Mountain
 Hong Kong Delicacies rebranding for Hong Kong traditional culture
 Hong Kong Delicacies rebranding for Victoria Harbour skyline
 Hong Kong Delicacies rebranding for traditional food illustration
 Hong Kong Delicacies rebranding for a mascot and his story
Mindful Wander Hong Kong Delicacies rebranding for 2 happy animals of dragon and phoenix
 Hong Kong Delicacies rebranding for menu frame
 Hong Kong Delicacies rebranding for a business card design on the food table
 Hong Kong Delicacies rebranding for a business card design on the table
 Hong Kong Delicacies rebranding with a Lion Rock Mountain
Hong Kong Delicacies brand story
Hong Kong Delicacies logo
Hong Kong Delicacies brand image
Hong Kong Delicacies brand elements
Hong Kong Delicacies character
Hong Kong Delicacies dragon and Phoenix
Hong Kong Delicacies menu template
Hong Kong Delicacies business card
Hong Kong Delicacies business card
Hong Kong Delicacies brand cover

The food story under the Lion Rock

design solution

In order to promote local food culture, we will show the history, roots, and changes of different “Hong Kong cuisine”… As the so-called “people take food as their heaven”, Hong Kong, which has a historical and cultural background that combines Chinese and Western Johor, is full of unique food flavours and also reflects the pursuit of food.

Hong Kong Delicacies have become an important part of our daily life. In order to present the brand culture, the iconic Hong Kong-style font – Northern Wei font, plus Lion Rock, Victoria Harbour skyline, and waves, express its traditional essence on the logo, which is also softly Combined with modern simplicity, the public can better understand the concept and value of the brand.

Using a character mascot to promote “Hong Kong People and Hong Kong Delicacies” has a warmer and more intimate feeling. Creating characters ~ Foodie Kong is friendly, familiar with, and proficient in the local food culture of Hong Kong, and likes to share the local food culture and history with others, will take you to experience the unique “Hong Kong People and Hong Kong Delicacies”, allowing people to taste and read carefully and learn more about the local Hong Kong Delicacies that has been passed down for a long time.


Hong Kong Delicacies



creative / design / illustration

Alien Kwan